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When members and friends of St. John’s can no longer count on being able to come to church, regular visitors are available to check-in with them, offer Holy Communion, and keep them up-to-date and connected with our church, sharing personal and community-related news. This is a two-way connection of caring.


There are also two avenues offered in our grief ministry program.


(1) An in-person gathering for those who find comfort and healing in sharing their story and listening to how others are coping with their losses. These small groups meet weekly, usually for 6 sessions, using video presentations, discussion professional guidance, community organizations, and printed resources.


(2) The second avenue is a series of four booklets called Journeying through Grief. These booklets have been published by the Stephen Ministries group and are sent out at timed intervals during the first year of loss. These titles accompany that journey:  A Time to Grieve, Experiencing Grief, Finding Hope and Healing, and Rebuilding and Remembering. St. John’s welcomes both members and non-members to all our ministries and activities.


Why attend a Grief Group?


Life can stir up many emotions, some of which can be hard to handle because we were unprepared for the event of loss. Support groups offer the chance to meet and share with others who are in similar circumstances. Many people find this quite helpful.


Attending St. John’s Grief Support Group will allow you to meet caring people who can helpd you work through your feelings in a safe place. Presentations and group discussions offer you an opportunity to express your needs and explore options in an atmosphere of faith that can lead to growth and healing. You’ll find the Grief Group to be a safe place >


– use the energy produced by strong feelings to experience creative transformation;

– help you in self-understanding and self-expression’

– empower you with new insights to cope with new courage;

– to feel understood, and;

– create a new future.


If you have questions concering our Care and Grief Ministries, please contact the church office at (859)431-1818. Thank you.