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Dobin Park

Dobin first came to St. John’s back in 2017. He started his journey with us as one of the Choral Scholars of our Chancel Choir and then was appointed to the Director of the Chancel Choir a year later in 2018. St. John’s was delighted when Dobin joined the church and became a member in 2019. Dobin says he was brought to St. John’s because of God’s plan because “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

We appreciate all Dobin does for us including directing the Chancel Choir and Chancel Bell Choir. He helps support our Director of Music Ministries, Michael, to plan all of the music for each of our Sunday Worship Services. Dobin finds the best part of the job to be the fact that he gets to glorify and worship God with beautiful people. “Every time I stand in front of the Chancel Choir, either during rehearsal or service, I am beyond content to be worshiping God with amazing, committed singers.” His favorite thing about St. John’s is the community inside of it. “It’s the people and each individual who inspire me to be a more committed Christian.”

When Dobin is not busy practicing with the Chancel Choir or bell choir, he likes to play soccer and play the piano. A fun fact about Dobin is that his hometown in Korea is exactly 6777.627 miles away from St. John’s! Dobin wants to express his appreciation for the opportunity to work with amazing, committed Christians and talented musicians at St. John’s United Church of Christ!