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Rev. Barry Bordenkircher

Rev. Barry has been at St. John’s since June 2021. Barry was drawn to St. John’s by God and the Pastoral Search Team that was in place at the time. Barry really enjoyed the people of St. John’s and the hope they have for a vital future, renewed vision, and connecting more with the community around them. Barry’s favorite part of St. John’s is the music the people he has met so far (including the great church staff) and the worship services! 

We are thankful for all of the work Barry does for the church including organizing and leading our worship services, helping lead our ministries that occur within the church, and supporting others whenever it is needed. Barry’s favorite part of his job is a toss up between planning/leading worship/preaching,  visiting with folks (esp. in the hospital and those with urgent needs), and leading small groups (Bible studies, mediation, etc.).

In his free time Barry enjoys going on drives to check out new places with my wife Chery, reading, golf, movies, astronomy. A fun fact about Barry is that he was an advanced certified scuba diver in earlier times, worked part-time in a dive shop, helped teach classes, helped at sports shows with the store display (I was inside a HUGE water tank with a plexiglass window, in full scuba gear!), with lots of diving experiences along the way (ice diving, river diving, wreck diving, night diving, decompression diving, cave diving, underwater navigation, underwater photography, etc.) I have some dive artifacts found over the years in my office–old bottles and such. Stop by my church office and I will show them to you!

Barry’s door is always open to the members of St. John’s!  And I am looking for golf partners!  🙂

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