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Join the Church Book Club – all are welcome!

Do you love to read and enjoy discussing books with others? So often we understand a character or a storyline from a different perspective when we listen to others, or even when we try to explain our own perspective. We may even find that we often appreciate how a piece of literature fits with our own life.

So, I’d like to invite you (and your friends and family) to join me for book discussions. To give this idea a simple start I have selected 4 books and 4 Saturdays for the upcoming year. You may plan to join us for all of them or for 1 or 2, whatever works for you and whatever interests you! These are not new books and can easily be found as you would other reads – library, Amazon, Kindle – audio, paper or tablet.

If you have any questions reach out to Laura Haas or call the church office. No sign ups required.

Saturday March 23, 1:00 – 2:30pm, church parlor
Twelve Extraordinary Women by John F MacArthur

These women were ordinary, common, and in some
cases even ostracized and rejected by society, yet each
was made extraordinary by her life-changing encounter
with God.

In Twelve Extraordinary Women, bestselling author and
Bible teacher John MacArthur shows us that the God to
whom they were so faithful is the same God who continues to mold and
guide us today.

As you meet these women in Scripture and get to know more about their
lives and characters, they will challenge you, motivate you, encourage you,
and inspire you with love for the God whom they trusted, served, and loved,
teaching us that:

  • Our personal struggles and temptations are the very same kinds of trials
    that all believers of all ages have confronted
  • Even in the midst of our trouble, God remains eternally faithful
  • Through God, anyone can become extraordinary
    From Eve to the Samaritan Woman, these twelve women each serve as
    reminders of both our frailty and our potential. Together, they all point us to
    Christ and His grace.
    If you have any questions reach out to Laura Haas or call the church office.
    No sign ups required.


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