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Beginning this month, SJUCC welcomes back an old friend and former staff member, Pastor John Robson! John previously served the congregation as a minister of visitation and pastoral care, helped with the Prayer ministry, etc…and he comes “back on board’ to take on these same duties in his “retirement!”

John, a member of the Dayton Presbyterian Church, “retired” on December 31st after 58 months as the Commissioned Lay Pastor (Presbytery terminology) of the Winchester Presbyterian Church. He taught Sunday school, preached The Word, and took care of such chores as taking the collected food items to the local food bank each month. He also met monthly with the 5-7 local Presbyterian pastors to share joys and challenges. The eight smallest Presbyterian churches in Adams, Brown, and Highland Counties are banded together in a council on which he served these last four years in every capacity. Since 2014 John has led worship at
the Grand Towers senior apartment complex in Newport.

John also will be serving as Pulpit Supply for the year and is assigned to provide monthly worship at Georgetown, quarterly at Red Oak, and other pulpits as the need arises. For the last three years John has served on the Commission on Ministry and as the liaison for five churches on the western, southeast Indiana
border. That duty leads him to help with the process for calling new pastors.

In his “spare time” (!) John will be helping Pastor Barry here at SJUCC with pastoral care and
visitation, home communion, and occasionally with worship and/or small groups. PLEASE extend John and his spouse Elizabeth a warm “welcome back” to our church!


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