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New Youth Group for Grades 5-12

Starting in September, St. John’s will be joining in a new venture for our church’s young people. We will be joining with our sister UCC churches (St. John’s-Bellevue and Christ UCC-Ft. Thomas) with whom we have run and supported the long-time ILLUMINATION youth ministry. Illumination is now entering a new phase of life, as we begin a two-year “trial run” with FIVE Presbyterian churches in our area to form a new Northern Kentucky Youth Group (we hope to have a catchier name soon!). The five PCUSA churches are: Community of Faith Presbyterian Church, Crescent Springs Presbyterian Church, First Presbyterian Church of Fort Thomas, Lakeside Presbyterian Church, and Union Presbyterian Church (also in cooperation with the Presbytery of Cincinnati—who is providing a $25,000 grant for this ministry—enabling the hiring of a group coordinator based in Community of Faith!).

The first gathering of this new group will be on Sunday, September 11. More details about the kick-off meeting will be available soon—and plans are for the group to meet twice per month on average…with the potential of FIFTY TO EIGHTY young people! Here is some more information about this new venture [from the draft of the group’s Charter]…

Statement of Intent: The focus of the Northern Kentucky youth group is to create a wide community of peers where youth can explore and claim their faith more deeply. Drawn from and guided by the participating churches, this youth group adds to the vitality of each church’s youth offerings. The ministry is open to youth grade five through twelve. Continued on next page

Responsibilities of Participating Churches:

Contribute at least one leader (pastoral or congregational) to the Executive Committee.

Submit a yearly financial commitment (in essence, a pledge); this amount will be determined by each church ’ s session without a minimum or maximum limit. The equality of this partnership is not based in the equality of financial contributions. (CURRENT plans call for the three UCC churches to continue contributing the same amounts as what supported Illumination).

Encourage the participation of their own youth and make them aware of the group bullying policy.

Provide volunteers to both support and facilitate the larger youth gatherings and the Volunteer Planning Team.

Support the joint youth group with prayer, creativity, enthusiasm, and love.


Pastor Barry plans to be a part of this group and provide leadership and assistance as much as he is able — month. SOOOO … but that will vary from month to we will need some of our church members to help pitch in … parents, older siblings, grandparents, family friends And you don ’ — anyone! t need to make every meeting or event, we can share the load with enough helpers “ taking turns ” — as we remember (and hope to develop) at least some consistency in volunteers (groups thrive and attendance is better with consistent leadership). All volunteers will receive a brief orientation, must pass a background check, and be able to drive. Most events will be on Sunday evenings, with occasional events at other times. IF YOU are interested in helping out, or would like some more information before committing to helping with this new group, contact Pastor Barry by September 1. Finally, ALL our members can support this ministry by surrounding it with prayer and making donations now and then when needed. Our young people are worth it and we want them to LOVE being a part of this new ministry, and to love our church — even more than they already do!


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